Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who has time for strategy when we are just trying to survive?!

Today we welcome Debra Natenshon to the Conference Blog! Ms. Natenshon is the CEO of The Center for What Works and will be leading our June 10th Orchestra Leadership Academy seminar: Benchmarking for Success: Making the Case in a Competitive Environment.

Posted by Debra Natenshon:

The fact that "evaluation" has become the bane of many nonprofit leaders' existence does not mean that any strategic attempt to measure and thrive should be thrown overboard. It is well known that organizations which are better prepared to articulate successful outcomes are organizations that have a better chance of thriving – I would argue, especially in a down economy.

My OLA seminar next week will make a case for ongoing performance measurement as a key component for successful mission achievement. Better yet, we will discuss frameworks and tools that bring the process to life and cost little more than your attendance to this session!

Wednesday we will outline the process so individual orchestras can work to implement strategy as well as incorporate measurable indicators. Some of the topics covered include:

· Measurement for Orchestras – Why does it matter?
· Articulating Success – Strategic level and practical level
· Benchmarking – Learning from your own orchestra and your peers

Since we started working with the League in 2007, we have trained about 30 member orchestras to assist in their process toward programmatic performance measurement. We are also exploring deeper conversations with a handful of orchestras to assist with taking their strategic plans to the next level of implementation.

If you plan to attend my session, bring your current strategic plan and let’s get to work on actually using it!

I look forward to meeting you next week in Chicago.

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