Friday, June 12, 2009

RE: Social Networking Time Management

Hi Liz here again -

Yesterday I engaged is some lively conversations about how to manage social
networking and not let it rule your every waking moment. It is very
important to keep these outlets fresh and new, but how can you fit updates
to these social sites in check. The suggestions I received were to limit
the social networking time to 5 to 30 minutes a day and no more----


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Marc van Bree said...

You can set up some very efficient listening tools (more info here:

Overall, I think time spent on social networking really depends on how much you can justify the time.

Just like traditional PR, you have to set objectives, measure results (and results do not just mean ticket sales), and decide whether the results warrant the time you spend.

You don't just set a fix time for media relations either; you set as much time as is needed in order to have maximum impact at minimum cost.