Friday, June 12, 2009

Blog entry

Can it be Friday already? I just came out of a session devoted to the implications of social networking. At one level I'm sure the subject seems either just "an extra bell and whistle" or a subject too daunting to think about, but when all the smoke clears we'll remember these days as the beginning of a new approach to working together. Ripples of this session will show up in future master agreements and even in the way we view content ownership. It will mean opening ourselves up to audience-generated content after a concert (including the freedom to lose control of comments). I hope we get this right soon enough to be here to reap the benefits. It will mean a lot of new thinking from everyone involved and a significant cultural change across the field. I loved the open-ended qualities of this session. No one knows exactly where we're going, but we DO know that the old models won't be sufficient anymore. Opportunity knocks!

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