Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicago: Day 4

James Barry:
When I started at the League back in October I often heard around the office phrases such as: "just wait until conference, remember at conference, well... at conference." I was fairly certain this conference thing must be a pretty big deal. Now in Chicago on my fourth day I have the bragging rights to speak phrases that end in "conference." Simply: it has been a whirlwind. I expected and was warned about the long hours, having to rise at the crack of dawn, the non-stop work - which all happened. But the things I didn't foresee or expect are those that have left the strongest impression on me. On Wednesday just before 1pm I witnessed the Palmer House Hilton bristle to life with delegates: reunions of old friends, hugs, handshakes, new introductions, the beginning of new relationships. The inspirational power of the Beyond the Score presentation of the New World Symphony reinforced why all "this" matters. And when the CSO's facilities manager spoke at the Operations/General Managers constituency meeting about hall/office utility consumption I understood the level of detail and insight orchestra staff members have brought to coping with the new economic reality and their willingness to share successes with others.

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