Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Entry

John Thomas Dodson:

Yesterday was a whirlwind. The Adrian Symphony was part of a reconvening of the Institutional Vision 3 participants: seven orchestras from around the country taking part in a program based on Jim Collins' thinking. It's been an extraordinarily valuable experince for all of us - clarifying core values, setting long term goals, making those goals more "solid" through vivid descriptions. I suppose that, with every orchestra feeling understaffed, such a program might seem like a luxury. Instead, it has clearly helped many of these orchestras stay vital in difficult times. I wish there were a better way of conveying the value of this program to those who might consider applying in the future.

I was struck by the vitality of Palmer House's lobby throughout the afternoon: Old and newly-made friends having a drink and catching up. I visited with New Haven Symphony Orchestra Music Director William Boughton and later with Doug McClennon of It struck me that only this kind of convention allows you to discuss dynamics in Beethoven, articulation in Handel's Messiah and the new community-building tools available through the internet -- all in the span of an hour.

Off to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's open rehearsal. More later!

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